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PET packing belt 
Material: 100% recycled PET flakes 
Excelent Flexibility 
Good tensile strength and welding steady

 PET Packing Strap/Recycle PET Packing Belt


PET Packing Strap is recognized a new environment protective strapping material to substitute for Steel Strap &PP Strap in the ruling international market. They are not only the aggregation of the intensity and the tenacity of steel strap, but also overcome the disadvantage of the tradition packing material such as insufficient intensity, brittle and so on. At present, they have been applied in wood, steel, aluminiun fibe and so on.




1.    Good Tensile Strength and Welding Strength 

It is used for many heavy packages and the pulling force is more stronger pp strap about 1000N on average.


2)      Excellent Tension Maintenance  

It can keep tension for a long time with minimized slacking, while ensuring excellent shock resistance. It is ideal for long-distance, long-period transportation.


3)      Rusty and Chemical Resistance 

It allows direct strapping with PET straps without damaged or rusty.


4)      Safe and convenient for operation 

PET strap does not “Whiplash” when removed, thus creating a safe work environment for users. Moreover, it does not have sharp edges, so that there is no risk of injures for goods and user while tensioning or cutting the strap.


5)      Super Weather Resistance 

It can be stable under temperature of -50°C--120°C,which ensures PET straps widely applied under any conditions.


6)      Colorful  and Environment Friendly  

It can be made in different colors with good transparence. As a inert material, PET Strap can be either recycle, safety buried or incinerated.


7)      Good Economical Application  

The density of PET Strap is only 1/6 of Steel Straps for given length, but its price is much cheaper than Steel Strap.